EPSCA trip to Holland 2011

Results of games

Two groups left England for what we thought was likely to be our last match in Holland against Zukertort. As it transpired we now hope that the Amsterdam Junior Chess Federation will take over the match and Zukertort will continue to be involved. Ten players, Joshua, Higgs, Akshaya Kalaiyalahan, David Lui, Richard Meikle-Briggs, James Meredith, Gwilym Price, Theo Slade, Billy Twigge-Molecey, Prashast Vir and Aditya Yanamandra met Victor at Stansted whilst Daniel Abbas, Ashwin Kalyana, Aloysius Lip and Stephen Whatley met Peter at Liverpool Airport. The London lot were 30 minutes late but we all arrived at Schipol and were transported to Kaizer Karel College and started the match as soon as the official photographs had been taken. The team set to their task with a will and soon built up a healthy lead. Although the top boards proved harder we still won 3½ – 2½ over the top six boards and went for our evening meal with a healthy 10–4 lead. The Albina provided their usual meat feast with chips followed by ice cream and we then adjourned to the College for the evening blitz. There is a joke “don’t mention the war” well this weekend it was “don’t mention the blitz” as the Dutch took their revenge and also the top 9 places. To add insult to injury one of their players has an English passport and claimed the best score by an Englishman!! I expect the 5 minute tournaments at the British to be well attended. We then walked (or swam) back to the hotel as half way home we were caught in a tremendous thunderstorm and drenched to the skin. Therefore it was straight to bed and hope for a good night’s sleep. The players did get it although this year it was Victor’s turn to be above the disco! A good breakfast was followed by lifts to the venue and the second round. The Dutch team was slightly stronger but performed much better and the score this round was 7–7 although 17–11 overall to England. Victor thus had the cup to take back. We had lunch and the prize giving before getting lifts to Schipol and a safe journey home. We now have real hopes that the match will continue and look forward to welcoming the Dutch in Liverpool in 2012.

Zukertort v England 1

Both groups at Kaizer Karel College

Zukertort v England 2

Billy Twigge-Molecey with the trophy