Audio Chess Grand Prix 2011

Positions after Under 9 Final, 2nd April 2011
Key and explanation

2010 position Current position Area Finals Grand Prix score
4th 1st Barnet qQG 44
1st 2nd Wey Valley - Surrey qQG 42
3rd 3rd= Nottinghamshire qQG 38
5th 3rd= Sussex qQG 38
2nd 5th Kent qQG 29
12th 6th Manchester qQG 21
9th= 7th Yorkshire qQ 20
18th= 8th= Birmingham qQ 19
9th= 8th= Essex qQG 19
8th 10th Hertfordshire qQ 16
13th 11th Cheshire & North Wales qQ 15
6th= 12th= Berkshire qQG 14
20th 12th= Wiltshire q 14
9th= 14th Oldham qQ 13
6th= 15th Oxfordshire qG 12
26th= 16th Liverpool qG 11
18th= 17th Cambridgeshire G 10
17th 18th Hampshire q 9
15th 19th Richmond G 8
21st= 20th= Devon Q 7
14th 20th= Lancashire Q 7
21st= 22nd Tameside q 6
26th= 23rd= Northamptonshire Q* 5
25th 23rd= Staffordshire Q 5
21st= 25th= Norfolk   4
21st= 25th= Wirral q 4
  27th= Buckinghamshire   3
16th 27th= Lincolnshire Q 3

G - entered Girls' Under 11 final
q - qualified for Under 9 final
Q - qualified for Under 11 final,
Q* - qualified as hosts

Points and prizes
In each zone or national event, points are awarded according to the position a team occupies. First place scores 12 points, second 9 points, third 8 points and so on down to tenth place or lower, which scores 1 point.

These points are added up at the end of the season, and cash prizes awarded to the four highest placed associations: 1st wins £150, 2nd £100, 3rd £75 and 4th £50

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